- Save Me From Myself ;

I wonder if anybody’s actually had feelings for me, like actually got upset or mad over little things I did and got jealous and confused over me and thought about me on a regular basis. I feel like I’m the only person that ever really cares about anyone and that nobody’s ever felt that way for me.

Are you the author of those poems on your page? They're so good they give me goosebumps...

I am of all and thank you so much, that’s so touching <3


These voices are telling me to get you out of my head.

Cause I’m still bothered by all the things you’ve said,

You’re lying, I’m dying, we’re hanging by a thread,

I’m wishing, you’re leaving, for all the tears I’ve shed.


I’m living by all your words I’ve chose to be,

Believing I’m nothing, and no one cares for me.

One minute I’m here, the next.. I can’t breathe.

Words are like knives, you’re cutting endlessly.




The world of Terra made from terror,

Everything else has become inferior,

We’ve made a look based on exterior,

The damage we caused is only the interior.

Never mattered, never will, that’s what we agreed,

We’ve caused chaos with negativity and greed,

We’re stuck with the monster inside that we feed,

The guilt and lies is all it needs.


If you were behind every tear I cried,

Why did I let you stay for a while..

When you stalled to make your calls,

I should have seen right through it all,

You’ve been deceiving me,

Yes, you have lied to me, 

Ring the bell, oh cast your spell,

Another story you can tell,

Don’t rewind, just leave my mind,

Another you.. I can find..

You’re voice is haunting me,

Why you doing this to me..

Don’t look through the blinds

To see depressing lives,

I need to get away for a while,

Close the shades 

Just let it rain,

I want to leave the past behind.