- Save Me From Myself ;

Broken inside, because of your

Foul disguise,

Tainted by your touch, Cause I

Wanted too much,


Plagued by hate,

Killed by love,

Hit by fate

To move above,

Sorrow that,

You drowned me in,

Digs deep

Beneath my skin,

Now I’m trapped,

With your soul,

It’s taking over me,

Please don’t go..

I’m driving endlessly through the night,

Caught up in Winter’s storm still trying to fight,

Cigarette lit, and back roads for a while,

I will find myself, if I’m dead tonight


And where’d you go? I thought I had you then,

But it’s impossible, to keep you here again,

And I never know, how i’m ever gon’ pretend,

Like I don’t love you, I did..


I’ll find my way through the snow, 

Whether here or when your gone,

I wish you didn’t have to go,

Cause I need you more than you know.


Crystal breeze seeps through my window,

Shades of darkness and sounds coming from the shadows,

Thinking of a time bad boy was my hero

If I still had him though, I’d have some feeling tonight,


I don’t wanna talk about it anymore,

I don’t want to let about it, just let it go,

If I have to see the light shine,

I want it to shine on me,

I’ve done everything so right,

Why do I let you do this to me?

Every night is a different dream,

But the same re-occurrence.

Something I once wanted,

But now just a breach of disturbance,

Behind all these walls I’ve built,

And everything I’ve felt,

I know what I need to do,

Because everywhere I go,

And everything that shows,

I need to let go of you,

I will start living for today, and tomorrow, forget about yesterday.

Forget about the pain, the sorrows, and all my shame,

Leave my tears on the case, of my pillow, with myself to blame,

I’m not okay, I’m an empty hollow, lets blow out this flame.

This case has been closed,

I look further, no more,

I’ve slammed all these doors,

Cause you won the war,

See I was young,

I was naive,

And how you used me,

I couldn’t believe..


Maybe it’s time to think outside the box,

Bad memories haunting me, let it stop, 

The positives should way out the bad days,

But when your like me, It’s hard for things to change,

I know you’ve all been gone for a while,

But there’s days I’d still drive those miles,

Just to see you once last time, and ask why,

What did I do to deserve what you put me through,

Every lie you told, then got up and moved,

Not just to a different city, but on with life,

Not a care in the world, but you never saw me cry,

I was too strong then to snap past the breaking point,

Not in front of you, when you dropped me like a coin,

Your left over change might have been picked up by others,

But your two cents wasn’t needed when I hid under those covers,

Refused to be seen, so disgusted with me,

You won the battle, but the war’s never done,

Victory will be mine, you’ve caused what I’ve become


I’ve found my end,

I hope you find me dead,

I’ve downed the Robitussin.

It was my only friend.

Yet again I’m deceived,

Why do you do this to me?

It feels I can’t breathe,

And you’re haunting me,

My inner demons,

They eat me alive,

Once pretty diamonds,

They keep me deprived,

Where’s the morphine?

Where’d it go?

Are you looking for me?

I have no home,

Drug me inside,

Kill these dark vibes,

Go away bright lights,

Nobody’s home,

Why bother looking?

I’m already gone,

Is this really happening?

Nobody’s home, nobody’s home.